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As an obsessive coffee drinker, I love handmade coffee cozies!

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The coffee sleeves cafes use always seem to be too thin, so coffee cozies are an amazing reusable alternative. In the winter, they keep my coffee warm and my hands burn-free; in the summer, they keep my beverage cool and my hands dry. No matter what your style is, you can make your own cozy in just a few easy steps. Gather your supplies.

Cozy Place for Your Cozy Crafts: 13 DIY Ways to Store Your Yarn

Choose a yarn you want to work with and the appropriate hook or needle size. Remember that wools are fantastic for insulating beverages, and both wool and cotton will absorb condensation from your cup.

Measure your mug or cup. Pick a stitch pattern. This is the perfect opportunity to practice a new stitch or to swatch for a new project! I used the horseshoe cable and regular garter stitch knit every row for my cozies. Get knitting! Cast on stitches to create the height of your cozy. Feel free to experiment to find out what looks good on your mug. I used stitches for my cozies. Start your stitch pattern and knit until your cozy wraps around the mug.

diy yarn cozy

If your mug has a handle, you have two options: either stop knitting with about half an inch to go more on this in step 5or create buttonholes and make sure the ends overlap. Bind off. Attach it! Now, attach the i-cords the side of your knitting that does not have buttons. Now you have a beautiful customized coffee cozy that keeps your beverages warm in style.Transform a plain lampshade with a multicolored skein wrapped vertically to give the illusion of pleats.

Use the same yarn and a coordinating color to highlight the lamp's base. See the project at Wonderful DIY. Display branches sporting color-blocked yarn in a clear glass vase for a rustic-yet-colorful addition to your mantel. Get the tutorial at The Life Creative. Upcycle an old chandelier with a coat of paint, stripes of colorful yarn, and hanging crystals.

Get the tutorial at She Knows. Get the tutorial at Blog a la Cart. Create a unique art display with a yarn-wrapped branch hung with a series of botanical prints.

Display above your couch, mantel or bed. Get the instructions at Whatever Is Lovelier. Add appeal to your back porch by swathing your railing with a series of vibrant yarn wraps. Opt for a space under an eave to avoid soggy yarn!

Get the details at Jen Knitting Around. Get the instructions at Hanna Andersson. Twist yarn around some twigs in the letter shape of your choice to create a multicolored monogram.

Yarn Cozy - Center Pull

Get the details at Two Cheeky Monkeys. Get the instructions at Pretty Prudent. No time for DIY? Check out the cool yarn-bombed antlers, keys, hatchets and more at YarnBombed. Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection.

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Warm up your home this winter with yarn-adorned furniture, DIY decorations and more. Courtesy of Wonderful DIY. Yarn-Wrapped Lamp Shade. Yarn-Bombed Headboard.

Soften the spindles of a metal headboard with a brightly crocheted covering.So what do you do with all those little bits of yarn that are leftover after your knitting and crocheting projects?

It turns out there are a ton of great ideas for putting these little scraps to use! These projects are easy and fun. Some of them are useful, while others are more whimsical. All of them are giftable. Yarn can actually be a great material for jewelry, especially if you want to make something simple, eye-catching and sophisticated. These cable-braided necklaces and bracelets are pretty, cozy, and comfortable to wear.

How to Knit Your Own Coffee Cozy

The technique is quite simple, and this would make a great project even for a beginner. While the white yarn used in the photos is beautiful, imagine how lovely these could also look in color—especially color changing yarn. These necklaces look great at any length, and like the bracelet which is looped several times, the necklaces can also be looped as many times as you want for a different look and feel.

I imagine that several lengths around your neck worn as a choker could actually help keep you warm on a cold winter day. And if you need to organize all your adornments, try implementing one of these clever jewelry storage ideas.

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Do you do a lot of walking or hiking? Tired of carrying your water bottle around in your hand or in your pack? This is a wonderful alternative! These knitted water bottle holders look amazing, and they include a strap so that you can wear them as you walk.

If you check out the tutorial, you will see there are a lot of variations you can make on this pattern for a different look. Very cool! Follow the link to the Retrobaby blog to see the before and after images for this wall clock. The original clock was just a plain metal clock, pretty dull and colorless to look at. With some leftover yarn in fun colors, it has been totally transformed into a pretty snazzy bit of art.In fact, our yarn stash is actually so disorganized and overflowing that our family and friends like to make fun of us for it on a regular basis!

Have you ever built regular square shaped cubby shelves using adjustable pre-made building kits but spent the whole time wondering whether there might be an even more visually pleasing way to arrange those partitions so the cubbies sit on an angle and look way cooler?

Yarn balls and skeins, however, are an awesome exception! Are you actually the kind of yarn hoarder who prefers to wind your skeins before you bring them home, meaning you have a large collection of leftover or perhaps still full yarn cakes sitting around that you need to find a place for? We could stare at this for hours. We actually think a plastic tub with a lid is a great solution in very humid climates where lots of pests live because it keeps your yarn protected from damage.

Well, some of these storage solutions might work just as well for your smaller pieces, but others might just lead to tangling and more disorganization. They show you how to wrap the lengths of yarn around the outside and then pinch the ends in the pins so they stay in place. We also like that this idea is low maintenance, making it easy to reach over and grab a project to finish it off whenever you have a moment. They suggest getting a series of plastic organizing baskets or crates with holes in the sides, turning them on their sides so the bottoms sit against the wall, and screwing them into the wall through the holes in a grid, letting you choose however many cubbies your stash needs!

They show you how to arrange and print a details and yarn info sheet that you can make into a book, documenting the brand, fibre, weight, and colour way of each thing in your stash, looping a sample of each yarn right onto the edge of the page. Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, wonderfuldiy.

Sign up for newsletter. Email Address. Hot this Week.Make a super simple knit coffee mug cozy to keep your favorite morning drink warm! I could sit for hours under a warm blanket crafting by the fire. Keep your hands warm this winter and prevent cups from being too hold to handle by knitting this quick and easy coffee mug cozy.

This project will take about an hour, so go ahead and knit one for everyone. Note: This coffee cozy fits larger size mugs, not standard size coffee mugs, so adjust the pattern accordingly by reducing a couple of stitches for a standard-sized mug. Wrap your knitting around your coffee mug as you go. K1, P1. Take the knit stitch over the pearl stitch to cast it off. K1, and take the pearl stitch over the knit stitch to cast off.

Take the second stitch over the first to cast it off. Slip the first stitch from the needle in your left hand onto the right needle, and take that last stitch over the top to cast it off.

You now only have 2 stitches remaining. K1, P1, and then knit them both together. Thread yarn through the final loop and pull tight.

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I have a handy yarn hack to share with you today! Keep your yarn from turning into a tangled mess while in use, in your bag, or in storage with this super simple DIY yarn cozy. All you need is an old pair of pantyhose or socks and a pair of scissors! A yarn cozy, also sometimes called a yarn sock or yarn sleeve, is great because it stretches around your ball of yarn and gently hugs it, keeping your wound nicely and clean while you work. If you pull your yarn from the center, it also compresses the ball gently as the center hollows without letting the yarn ball collapse.

First, pick a pair of pantyhose, stockings, or socks that still have a fair amount of elasticity. Now just use those tubes around around yarn cakes or any kind of center pull skein. This helps keep the outer yarn end from unraveling and getting tangled with your working end. No worries, there are some very cute yarn cozies already made for you. You can check your local yarn shop for their selection or check some out on Etsy. Check out my free crochet patterns here or my free knitting patterns here.

The other is a dollar store shower scrubbie, I cut the center cord and I have plenty of mesh. Great for the extra large skeins or large cakes. Love how they keep the outer yarn from tangling with the yarn coming from the center. Your email address will not be published.

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One pattern. Our new normal Sunday morning virtual church s. Coloring eggs has never been so fun! Use bits of c.

50 Cute Projects to Make from Leftover Yarn – They Make Excellent Gifts, Too!

I used two ba. Happy Mail from knitcrate!It might not be super common practice anymore to actually brew and serve tea from a tea pot, but those tea enthusiasts who still do it love having all the right stuff to make tea time the best part of their day.

That means novelty teapots, beautiful vintage tea cups, and tea cozies ranging from classic looking to totally hilarious always make popular gifts!

diy yarn cozy

As yarn crafting enthusiasts, we obviously choose the thing we can crochet to give to the tea lovers we care about most. Check out these 15 adorable crocheted tea cozy patterns that will either make fantastic gifts or look great sitting on your table when you host afternoon teas of your own! Their instructions are an amazing learning base for advancing to other types of leaves and flowers after this and the roses you create will look adorable perched on top of your teapot this spring.

diy yarn cozy

Perhaps you clicked on this list hoping to find a simple pattern that looks similar to the old fashioned one you remember your grandma serving tea in when you were a kid? Then we think we might have found the pattern for you! One of the best parts of crocheting is that there are so many pretty stitching patterns you can create without much hassle. One of the classics is the shell stitch, which creates a little fan of yarn that reaches all the way up to the next row.

Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project. Then check out this Caravan tea cozy from Emma Varnam!

We feel like even just setting this down on our table before our afternoon tea would brighten up our whole day. Then check out this cute cozy with a front spout strap rather than just a hole. This nice, easy striped cozy from The Adventures of the Ginger Bread Ladyfor example, is simple to do but still comes out clean and pretty looing at the end.

Try your hand at a bit of striping just like they did if you want to jazz things up a bit without getting too complicated! Instead of filling it with brewed tea, they suggest you use it as a place to store your packaged tea bags.

Then we definitely think you should check out this Joy teapot from Yarn Utopia! The holly leaves on top really drive the Christmas theme home but if you were to do it in bright colours and without the holly, this could also just be a very cheerful cozy for any day of the year.

Adjust the length of your crap accordingly to account for the different shape or height of your teapot. Is your favourite part of crocheting things yourself the part where you can make them as silly and novelty as you like?