Homeopathic aggravation pdf

To schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss how homeopathy can help you, click here! I remember my first months using homeopathic medicine. I knew I was on the right path because I was seeing results for both of my children, however the ups and downs and twists and turns had my head spinning at times! I finally learned to decipher what was happening which allowed me to make better decisions about how and when to continue dosing the remedies.

A homeopathic aggravation is characterized by a temporary worsening of the chronic symptoms the patient has been experiencing. An aggravation is considered a good sign by a homeopath because it means that the constitutional remedy is a well-chosen remedy and suites the case but with careful dosing, aggravations may not occur.

An aggravation can be minutes, hours, or even days long.

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An aggravation is typically followed by a marked improvement in at least some of the symptoms that the patient presented to the homeopath with. If you experience an aggravation that is intense and long-lasting, you have the option to do what is called the aggravation zapper to bring down the aggravation more quickly. Well, there is not a whole lot to say about this topic!

After all, this is what you consulted with your homeopath to do — improve, or cureyour symptoms!

homeopathic aggravation pdf

However, let me say a few more words about this. An improvement can include some or all symptoms. An improvement of any particular symptom can be partia l or total. When reporting improvements to your homeopath, include improvements you are seeing on the physical as well as the mental and emotional levels. This helps the homeopath to ascertain just how appropriate this remedy is for your case.

Detoxification symptoms can occur after a well-chosen homeopathic remedy is administered. This is where things can get difficult for both the patient and the homeopath. But stick with the process the best you can and the benefit of a good detox can be great.

In fact, it may lead to just the relief you have been looking for.

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What does a detox reaction look like? Usually this can be a release of pent up emotions or a physical reaction such as a fever, a runny nose, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. While not pleasant, the best thing to do is to get a lot of rest, drink lots of fluids, and contact your homeopath who may be able to adjust your remedy dosing in order to make the detox phase more tolerable sometimes taking a lower potency can help.

If the illness does not resolve on its own within a reasonable amount of time, you may need to contact your homeopath for a recommendation about an acute remedy. So the symptoms that the remedy causes in healthy individual, will treat in an individual with an illness. So if you experience a symptom you have never experienced before upon starting a new remedy, this could be a proving symptom. If the proving is very mild and the remedy is benefitting the patient quite a bit, the homeopath may recommend the patient stick with the treatment, but may change the dosing.Katja Schuett presents a clear and concise explanation of aggravation in homeopathy and its management.

After establishing the basic principles of homeopathy and whilst gaining practical experience, Hahnemann constantly worked on perfecting the application methods to avoid aggravations and to provide a rapid, gentle and permanent cure. Aggravation means the increase of intensity or degree of suffering.

Each aggravation of symptoms or the appearance of new symptoms, when nothing untoward has occurred in the mental or physical regimen, invariably proves the unsuitability of the given medicine, either the remedy itself or its potency or dose.

Modalities are circumstances that modify a particular or general symptom, either appearing artificially induced during provings, or as experienced by the patient suffering from the natural disease. Modalities can make a symptom better or worse. Each remedy has its own mode of action and acts best under certain conditions.

Thus, modalities belong to the distinguishing features that help differentiating remedies.

homeopathic aggravation pdf

Especially, if they are strange, rare or peculiar they highly individualize a case and assist in choosing the homeopathic remedy. Boenninghausen attached special importance to the completeness of symptoms, for which modalities are considered the most valuable features, followed by sensation and location.

Concomitant symptoms, which may constitute of modalities, also represent important differentiating factors according to Boenninghausen.

Modalities can be classified as physical, temperature, time, climate, dietary modalities, localized modalities lateralities and miscellaneous modalities. Applied, this remedy induces an artificial disease, which, when somewhat stronger than the natural disease, replaces the natural disease and initiates cure. A similar aggravation occurs when the original symptoms of the patient increase temporarily at the beginning of treatment.

Homeopathic Aggravation

This is a sign that the remedy is correct but that the potency was too high, or the dose too large or repeated too frequently. The similar aggravation is caused by the primary action of the remedy and displays the artificial, medicinal disease, which exceeds the natural disease in strength.

As the dose of a homeopathic remedy can scarcely ever be made so small that it shall not be able to overpower the disease it is understandable why a homeopathic aggravation may occur at the beginning of treatment. In the sixth edition of the Organon Hahnemann limited the homeopathic aggravation to the first or first few hours in acute diseases.

It usually occurs immediately after ingestion for the first hour, or for a few hours, when the dose has not been sufficiently small, and for a considerable number of hours when the dose has been somewhat too large. If further medicine is applied, the symptoms of the medicine are called into play.

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However, if the first dose causes a homeopathic aggravation in chronic diseases, and in the same way every repeated, modified dose, this indicates that the dose was too large.An aggravation is the temporary appearance of new symptoms, or a temporary intensification of existing symptoms, following a dose of a homeopathic remedy. Aggravations are harmless, usually mild, and short-lived. They sometimes occur following the first dose of a remedy as part of the initial rebalancing effect, or when the remedy has been taken more often than needed, or if the person is unusually sensitive to that particular remedy.

If the aggravation involves new and different symptoms while original symptoms remain unchangedit is known as a dissimilar aggravation and indicates that the remedy choice is wrong and a new remedy needs to be selected. If the person is unusually sensitive and experiences an aggravation on each dose of the remedy, the dose should be adjusted to suit their sensitivity.

Tags: aggravationcoldebookhomeopathyq and aquestion and answerremedysensitivesymptoms. If you liked the information on this page you may also enjoy our regular newsletter, full of information, news, discounts, and offers. Subscribe here.Homeopathic Aggravation. In Homeopathy, remedies are selected on the basis of Totality of symptom. The most appropriate remedy suitable to the patient is called similimum. When such a similimum is given to the patient, at times a temporary intensification of the symptoms may occur to the patient.

This aggravation shall be mild and usually last only for a short period. Such an effect sometimes occur following the first dose of the remedy or when the remedy has been taken more often than needed or if the person is unusually sensitive. Most of the homeopathic medicines do not contain pharmacologically active ingredients, but only posses certain dynamic properties.

homeopathic aggravation pdf

This dynamic effect of the remedy is the one that acts on the patient. Homeopathy believes that the diseases originate at the life force, which is dynamic in nature and when a dynamic remedy interacts with the life force, it produces an artificial or transient set of symptoms, provided that remedy is similimum. This intensification of the symptom is called Homeopathic aggravation. The homeopathic aggravation after the administration of the curative remedy is the reaction of the organism, as it responds to the gently stimulating action of the medicine.

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This aggravation may only be a slight worsening of symptoms and may hardly be noticed by the patient. As Hahnemann said in aphorism of Organon of Medicine, a slight homoeopathic aggravation in the first hours is a good indication that the acute disease will probably be cured.

If aggravation is marked, or if it persists, this may because the patient is proving the remedy, because a remedy that is poorly matched may actually induce new symptoms in the patient.

It is, nevertheless, usual in the first few hours if the dose is too large too low a potency for it to effect some small aggravation" Organonaphorism In the sixth edition of the Organon, Hahnemann limited the homeopathic aggravation to the first or first few hours in acute diseases. It usually occurs immediately after ingestion for the first hour, or for a few hours, when the dose has not been sufficiently small, and for a considerable number of hours when the dose has been somewhat too large.

If further medicine is applied, the symptoms of the medicine are called into play. However, if the first dose causes a homeopathic aggravation in chronic diseases, and in the same way every repeated, modified dose, this indicates that the dose was too large.

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An aggravation caused by the smallest possible dose will be easily overcome by the vital force and does not prevent cure. It is often not perceptible in patients unless they are oversensitive. You would need to login or signup to start a Discussion. Homeopathic Aggravation In Homeopathy, remedies are selected on the basis of Totality of symptom. Discussion You would need to login or signup to start a Discussion. Write your comments.Dr Charles Forsyth. Homeopathic Physician.

How Safe Are Homeopathic Medicines? Homeopathic medicines are very safe. There has been no evidence of any harmful effects - even to young babies, the unborn child or to the elderly. Are Drug Interactions Possible? Homeopathic medicines do not interact with any drugs.

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If your health improves markedly, your requirements for other medications may well reduce. What Is A Homeopathic Aggravation? On some occasions your symptoms may get a bit worse within one or two days of taking a homeopathic medicine for the first time - this is called a homeopathic aggravation.

It is almost always of brief duration, lasting from a few hours to a few days and is then rapidly followed by a marked and progressive improvement in your symptoms and general health.


A homeopathic aggravation is therefore a good sign - it almost always heralds an improvement! If it occurs you will not need to take any more of the medicine until the subsequent improvement stops - which could be many weeks. Be sure to note carefully the details of the changes. Try to avoid touching the medicines with your fingers. If you have powders single dose sachetsjust empty the contents straight onto your tongue from the paper wrapper.

The medicine should be chewed up and dissolved in the mouth and then swallowed. It does not need to be "washed down". Homeopathic medicines should be taken when your mouth is free from the odour of anything you may have been eating, drinking, sucking or smoking - take your medicine 15 minutes either side of these.

If this is not possible first rinse your mouth out well with plain water. How soon a response to treatment is seen differs whether the condition is long term chronic or short term acute. In chronic conditions there may be changes within hours or days, or it may take two to four weeks before any change is noticed, but most commonly improvement starts within one to two weeks.

It is unusual for the first signs of improvement to be delayed for more than a month. In acute conditions improvement should be noticed within minutes or hours. What we want to see is progressive continuing improvement in your symptoms and well being until you are completely symptom free and in excellent health.Homeopathic aggravation is a curative term; it is only one condition that indicates the winning score just before the end of game.

If disease symptomatology and medicinal symptoms are similar, then it will cure the disease. Medicinal power should be more than the disease power; otherwise it will never cure the disease. The second condition is stronger medicinal power cures the disease.

So there is little aggravation of all the disease symptomatology, but this aggravation is medicinal aggravation, so it no longer sustains in the system of the individuals. Every individual receives susceptibility. It is heredity. When one goes against the nature in a long run, one will be diseased artificially. Disease affects our system only when there is susceptibility present in the individuals.

The vital force is spiritual energy or frequency that animates our material body.

What is a Homeopathic Aggravation?

It controls all the functions of the body and establishes a state of equilibrium in between all the organs. So it protects our system from any other disturbance that tries to destroy this state of equilibrium. But when morbific noxious agent attacks our system due to disease susceptibility in our body, then vital force if not capable to protect our system with its own power, it needs some help to save our system. This is the language of the disease. We read it with our pure knowledge of homoeopathic Organon and materia medica, and we administer the perfect homoeopathic remedy with perfect potency.

If it matches with the vital frequency, the vital force reacts with it. Vital force produces artificial disease symptomatology that is very similar to that of disease symptomatology. So according to the natural law, if two dissimilar diseases meet in an individual, weaker affliction permanently gets extinguished by stronger one.

Thus natural disease that attacked our system permanently is extinguished by stronger artificial disease. This is the reason patient feels some medicinal aggravation but it is artificial.

homeopathic aggravation pdf

It no longer sustains in the system. Homeopathic aggravation is the only one parameter that indicates the remedy and the potency is perfectly administered and the cure that is our only mission is waiting on our door step. This aggravation depends on different kinds of factors: 1.Homeopathic medicine list with disease symptoms. This section contains an exhaustive list of various disease conditions, with details of the disease, list of common homeopathy medicines for each disease and detail symptoms for each remedy.

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