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All rights reserved.Janusin Roman religionthe animistic spirit of doorways januae and archways jani. Janus and the nymph Camasene were the parents of Tiberinus, whose death in or by the river Albula caused it to be renamed Tiber. The worship of Janus traditionally dated back to Romulus and a period even before the actual founding of the city of Rome. There were many jani i. Particular superstition was attached to the departure of a Roman army, for which there were lucky and unlucky ways to march through a janus.

The most famous janus in Rome was the Janus Geminus, which was actually a shrine of Janus at the north side of the Forum. It was a simple rectangular bronze structure with double doors at each end. Traditionally, the doors of this shrine were left open in time of war and were kept closed when Rome was at peace.

According to the Roman historian Livythe gates were closed only twice in all the long period between Numa Pompilius 7th century bc and Augustus 1st century bc.

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Some scholars regard Janus as the god of all beginnings and believe that his association with doorways is derivative. He was invoked as the first of any gods in regular liturgies. The beginning of the day, month, and year, both calendrical and agricultural, were sacred to him. The month of January is named for him, and his festival took place on January 9, the Agonium. Janus was represented by a double-faced head, and he was represented in art either with or without a beard.

Occasionally he was depicted as four-faced—as the spirit of the four-way arch. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

Smite Pro Janus: DESTROYING THE SMITE DEVELOPERS (Smite Conquest/Play-By-Play)

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree See Article History. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Januswho had no Greek equivalent, was worshiped beside the Forum in a small shrine with double doors at either end and originated either from a divine power that regulated the passage over running….

It was named after Janusthe Roman god of all beginnings. January replaced March as the first month of the Roman year no later than bce. Tiber Riverhistoric river of Europe and the second longest Italian river after the Po, rising on the slope of Monte Fumaiolo, a major summit of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano.He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.

It is conventionally thought that the month of January is named for Janus Ianuarius[2] but according to ancient Roman farmers' almanacs Juno was the tutelary deity of the month. Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The gates of a building in Rome named after him not a temple, as it is often called, but an open enclosure with gates at each end were opened in time of war, and closed to mark the arrival of peace which did not happen very often.

As a god of transitions, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunusa similar harbor and gateway god, he was concerned with travelling, trading and shipping. Janus had no flamen or specialised priest sacerdos assigned to him, but the King of the Sacred Rites rex sacrorum himself carried out his ceremonies. Janus had an ubiquitous presence in religious ceremonies throughout the year. As such, Janus was ritually invoked at the beginning of each ceremony, regardless of the main deity honored on any particular occasion.

The ancient Greeks had no equivalent to Janus, whom the Romans claimed as distinctively their own.

the janus

From Ianus derived ianua "door"[8] and hence the English word "janitor" Latin, ianitor. Three etymologies were proposed by ancient erudites, each of them bearing implications about the nature of the god.

In this etymology, the notion of Chaos would define the primordial nature of the god. Another etymology proposed by Nigidius Figulus is related by Macrobius : [12] Ianus would be Apollo and Diana Ianaby the addition of a D for the sake of euphony.

This explanation has been accepted by A. Cook and J. It supports all the assimilations of Janus to the bright sky, the sun and the moon. A third etymology indicated by CiceroOvid and Macrobiuswhich explains the name as Latin, deriving it from the verb ire "to go" is based on the interpretation of Janus as the god of beginnings and transitions. While the fundamental nature of Janus is debated, in most modern scholars' view the god's functions may be seen as being organized around a single principle: presiding over all beginnings and transitions, whether abstract or concrete, sacred or profane.

Almost all of these modern explanations were originally formulated by the ancients. His function as god of beginnings has been clearly expressed in numerous ancient sources, among them most notably Cicero, Ovid, and Varro.

Since movement and change are interconnected, he has a double nature, symbolised in his two headed image. The connection of the notions of beginning principiummovement, transition eundoand thence time was clearly expressed by Cicero.

Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions such as the progress of past to future, from one condition to another, from one vision to another, and young people's growth to adulthood. He represented time, because he could see into the past with one face and into the future with the other. He represented the middle ground between barbarism and civilization, rural and urban space, youth and adulthood.

Having jurisdiction over beginnings Janus had an intrinsic association with omens and auspices. Leonhard Schmitz suggests that he was likely the most important god in the Roman archaic pantheon. He was often invoked together with Iuppiter Jupiter. In one of his works G. Thus the god of beginning is not structurally reducible to a sovereign god, nor the goddess of ending to any of the three categories on to which the goddesses are distributed.

There is though a greater degree of fuzziness concerning the function and role of goddesses, which may have formed a preexisting structure allowing the absorption of the local Mediterranean mother goddesses, nurturers and protectresses. As a consequence the position of the gods of beginning would not be the issue of a diachronic process of debasement undergone by a supreme uranic god, but rather a structural feature inherent to their theology.

The fall of uranic primordial gods into the condition of deus otiosus is a well-known phenomenon in the history of religions. Mircea Eliade gave a positive evaluation of Dumezil's views and of the results in comparative research on Indoeuropean religions achieved in Tarpeia. According to Macrobius who cites Nigidius Figulus and CiceroJanus and Jana Diana are a pair of divinities, worshipped as Apollo or the sun and moonwhence Janus received sacrifices before all the others, because through him is apparent the way of access to the desired deity.

A similar solar interpretation has been offered by A. Audin who interprets the god as the issue of a long process of development, starting with the Sumeric cultures, from the two solar pillars located on the eastern side of temples, each of them marking the direction of the rising sun at the dates of the two solstices : the southeastern corresponding to the Winter and the northeastern to the Summer solstice.

These two pillars would be at the origin of the theology of the divine twinsone of whom is mortal related to the NE pillar, nearest the Northern region where the sun does not shine and the other is immortal related to the SE pillar and the Southern region where the sun always shines.AFSCME, which was handed down only two years ago, has recently enjoyed fresh attention in the national press.

In overturning a decision, Abood v. Attorneys General throughout America have advanced the implementation of Janus, but the legal issues that have arisen since Janus have not subsided.

the janus

Since the ruling came down inthe way that the states have begun to implement or impede Janus legislatively is on a blanketed ideological basis. We found that the agency stopped taking fees from non-members, but the state was still collecting the union dues from the union paycheck. They still thought it was required to be members of a union, which made us very suspicious of what these unions might be telling these people.

Basically, [this means] there are these tiny ten-day windows that are only once a year. They are different for every employee, because they are by the anniversary of their hiring date.

Every state is different, and the law only triggers if the state acts as a collection arm. So far, nothing is stopping unions from collecting their member dues, except the unions themselves. It is a possibility that another case that Mr. Janus has filed with the Supreme Court could be on the docket.

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Janus lost in the lower courts, but he filed a sur petition that has been held over by the Supreme Court four times. The last time it was held over was for this fall, and if they choose to take it, he would be likely to win.

How that plays out in court in the months and years ahead will be a defining era in the history of the relationship between workers and unions. Michael Cozzi is a Ph. D candidate at Catholic University in Washington, D. Keep discussions on topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any kind.

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The Night of the Janus

The Supreme Court's landmark decision Janus v. Newsmax Media, Inc.

the janus

Click Here to Load Comments Newsmax Comment Policy Keep discussions on topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any kind.See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. See the full gallery. Title: The Night of the Janus 14 Feb While solving the murder of a fellow Secret Service agent, Jim West and Jeremy Pike must uncover a traitor at the service academy with their only clue a sheet of music left by the dead agent.

This episode, while it doesn't have Ross Martin, has a more powerful script than many of the other shows without Martin. The guest cast is top notch here too.

Jack Carter and Jackie De Shannon head some powerful support. Jeremy Pike works with Jim this episode, one of several he did and this actor filed the role better than most of the other subs. West goes back to the academy to visit his old instructor for help in solving this case. The plot involves a song left behind by a dead agent about clues to a secret service defector. It involves money from the mint too.

Using the school as a back drop makes the story stronger. The song is called Two Faced Stranger in the Garden. Pike does an Artie type disguise pretty well in the show too. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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the janus

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The High Court's Janus Ruling — After 2 Years

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